Content Strategy

Planning the content of what will be inserted in the interface of a site, an app or a blog is essential to make the project functional and different from the others. Defining an editorial strategy is therefore essential to obtain a result that matches the project's expectations. Content Strategy must necessarily aim to define values, targets, channels and communication strategy.

Our method provides, for the first, step to define two aspects: the objectives of our marketing action and the target group to which we would like to apply. Through detailed Benchmark and Swot analysis we analyze the market in depth, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the various competitors and comparable. In a second moment, we identify the message that differentiates us from the competition and that makes us special and we choose it for our project. These analyzes guide us towards the final step: the development of strategic contents using keyword and SEO architecture. Words are important, so we carefully select them when we write content for websites, apps and blogs.

Together with the images, the illustrations and the Data Visualization they accompany the user to better enjoy the digital experience, making it simple and effective, in a single word pleasant.