The method which we use allows us to improve our experience over time,
always putting people at the center of the process.

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Customer experience

In an increasingly connected and complex world, people reward companies who create attractive products and services, which generate an experience that exceeds their expectations.


Design takes place through a consolidated method based on development of services and products that put people at the center of the process.

Design Sprint and Lean UX

Each project is developed tailored to the customer, agile design methods (such as Design Sprint, Lean UX and Growth Hacking) are also applied, which aim to achieve the best possible result in a short time.

Our method in 6 step:

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Through co-design activities and workshops, we analyze the project and define the business objectives that the customer wants to achieve. The phase of understanding and definition the scope of a project takes place through collaborative process.

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Analysis & Research

The context, experience, people's needs, trends, current and future innovative solutions are investigated through a series of activities devoted to qualitative and quantitative research (questionnaires, interviews, ethnographic analyzes, etc.). This phase is essential for building the design strategy.

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Starting from the elements obtained from the first two phases, the team analyzes the insights and develops proposed for the project through Service Design techniques. Finally at this point the design strategy will be offered which defines form, function, esthetics and technology up to the communication of the product and the digital service.

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Prototyping & Testing

The projects are prototyped and tested directly by the users in order to reduce development time, hence the costs. This step is required to gather useful feedbacks for the improvement of the entire product. A redesign of the project will be performed after the test phase, based on the information acquired from the tester users.

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Development & Delivery

The development team is responsible for implementing the product, Back-End and Front -End. From mobile apps (iOS and Android), to websites and integrated platforms, we are technologically versatile and we always use the possible most advanced technologies. After the development, the final delivery takes place.

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The project will be not closed at the launch time, conversely the begins monitoring phase which defines pain points and win points. The goal is to perfect the product, improve it continuously based on data collected over the time.