Internet of Things

People have always imagined a future in which every device, system, works, goods, machines and equipment can be managed through digital. This is possible thanks to the IoT technology, which stands for 'Internet of Things'. For IoT, therefore, we mean the extension of the Internet to concrete objects and places. This is the evolution of network that allows connected objects to enter into communication with other objects to which they transfer data relating to themselves.

IoT makes remotely managed objects, such as refrigerators and other appliances, through monitoring and control sistem, and encourages daily activities such as, for example, deciding the home temperature completely automatically.

At IES, we consider the IoT an important business area, for this reason, we are constantly updated on the latest trends in the field. We are constantly engaged to provide customers the tools to grow real business opportunities. The method consists of several phases that initially involve the analysis and careful study of data, followed by the design, development and prototyping of the project, a final step that will lead to the improvement of the prototype in all its parts.

Once the prototype has been tested, a new phase of work begins which, thanks to the tests carried out on users, will lead to its final improvement. The result is a product ready to become a tool that will support people in their daily activities. In short, it will simplify our lives. This is IoT, the technology that makes life easier.