Data Visualization

In a world where images are increasingly protagonists, data can often be judged boring, impersonal and difficult to understand, especially when there are many. To make their reading simpler and more enjoyable is Data Visualization, that is the representation by images of data of any size (small and big data) and type. In fact, images have a capacity for synthesis superior to words. Data Visualization allows, at a glance, to identify phenomena and trends that are invisible to a first data analysis. This makes it widely used to simplify and make otherwise difficult contents more effective.

Our team knows how to transform complex data into simple to read visual data. We create stories through images, the result of which are engaging ideas, meaningful and easy to understand.

Our method includes a first phase of research and analysis of data (Data Analysis), followed by a creative process, which defines the formal aspect that we want to be as readable as possible. Once the message has been defined, the design is drawn up through the drafts of illustrations and drawings (Data Sketch). The last step is Data Visualization, which is the illustration of data through the use of digital software (Data Design).