Guide to ransomware, dangerous malware attacking yours computers

In an increasingly connected world, computers, tablets and smartphones are constantly in danger. Viruses and malware (from "malicious software") undermine the success of our devices. Among the worsts in circulation is ransomware, a type of malware that limits access to the device that infects, requiring a ransom in exchange to be paid to unblock the block.

Ransomware (also called <b>rogueware</b> or <b>scareware</b>) limits access to a user's computer system and payment of a ransom to unblock it. The most dangerous ransomware attacks are those triggered by WannaCry, Petya, Cerber, Cryptolocker and Locky.

The signal that a device is infected by ransomwarea is the inability to access your computer. But how does this dangerous malware infiltrate the pc? The simplest system is the entry through the attachment of an infected e-mail or browser, in case of opening a previously infected website.

To prevent the installation of a ransomware on your device you must be protected by an antivirus and anti-ransomware tool. IES Italia with ntop, always supporting people's digital activities, has conceived and developed IVO. IVO is the latest generation device that, together with the app, protects home network and all devices connected to it, also carrying out an important parental control action to guarantee security to the whole family. Find out more about IVO! Visit the website and stay updated on its latest features.





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