22 billion connected to network objects by 2020: how to protect them?

The arrival of the 5G, new mobile network 20 times faster than the current 4G, will favor the rise of IoT, the acronym of “Internet of Things “, referring to objects connected to internet.

Experts say that, by 2020, the objects connected to network will be 22 billion (source Gartner), a big amount of data in which hackers could wallow. We are in a serious risk, and so also our home functionalities. For this reason, now more than ever, it’s essential start implementing computer security systems everywhere.

IoT is preparing to revolutionize the world, but its spread can be very dangerous if you do not use the proper precautions. Do not provide protection of your network, in fact, it will equal to forget house’s door open, are you sure to want to risk? If the answer is negative, follow our advice.

The first suggestion for safe surfing is avoid connecting devices (especially domestic ones) to network, unless this is strictly necessary.

When a guest enters at home it's essential to create a separate navigation. In this way you will avoid sharing personal data and therefore be "vulnerable".

Another measure to curb cyber attacks is choose a complex password, perhaps through specific software, always different and, even better, change it often.

It’s also essential to disable UPnP (Universal Plug and Play), network protocol designed to make it easier to connect devices and help them discover themselves automatically, without the need for configuration. UPnP can make printers, cameras, routers and other devices vulnerable to attack.

Also, make sure that you always have the latest firmware, this allows IoT devices and router have security protocols always compliant.

Last advice is distrust from cloud services, this because it could lead to the synchronization of sensitive data, an additional potential entry into your home.

The optimal solution is, however, having good product that guarantees IT security of all the objects connected to network.

At IES Italia, we are aware of the risks of devices connected to internet, so we have created IVO an object that, together with the app, allows real-time detection of all network threats. It also allows you to monitor and manage online time of the whole family, with safe children navigation. IVO, a cutting-edge service that is A cutting-edge service that will conquer cyber security and parental control market.





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