Discovering KeyPass, a ransomware that threatens computer around the world

We have very often heard about malware recently, dangerous softwares that threaten computers around the world. Among the most serious consequences caused by them on devices, are: sensitive informations theft , access to private information systems and unwanted advertising, but this is not over.

The most dangerous malware is KeyPass undoubtedly, a type of ransomware which has become very famous in august 2018 since it spread to more than 20 countries in just 36 hours.

KeyPass is so dangerous because, unlike other malware programs, it affects equally all the contents on the pc, transforming them into meaningless data, with a common .keypass extension.

The owner of computer becomes aware of  the inflected software as he begins to receive a text message in the directories in which it is inserted, with the context to buy a program and a personal key for file recovery. To convince the victim that he will not waste his money, he is invited to send cybercriminals from one to three files for free decryption.

To delete KeyPass permanently, you are asked to pay $ 300 within three days, which will then increase over time. Obviously the advice is to avoid paying any ransom.

But what is the solution?

Repairing the consequences of a KeyPass attack is a very long and expensive process. The recommendation is to adopt computer security systems which prevent cyber criminals activity.

How to prevent devices from being attacked?

Here are some tips:

- Do not download programs from suspicious sites and do not click links with unreliable origin;

- Back up the most important files daily or very often;

- Implement computer security systems that can identify and block any suspicious program before they can    harm your computer.

At IES Italia and ntop we are aware of the risks that threaten devices connected to internet, hence we have created IVO, a service that, accompanied by app, allows real-time recognition of all network threats. It also allows you to monitor and manage online time of the whole family, with special attention to the navigation of the smaller ones, increasingly exposed to the pitfalls that are hidden on the web.

Find out more about IVO and be ready new upcoming features.





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By IES Team