After 10 years, changed image for IES Italia: here is the rebranding

Bright colors and gradients images, increasingly sophisticated illustrations, weird graphic effects, improbable music and so on...

Designing a corporate website, today, is a competition to gain users "wow effect"; it doesn't matter if everything is far from the message you want to convey and of the company's core business.
In a word of truth.

Thinking about rebranding new site, at IES we have decided to take a different path, because we always think countercurrent.

After 10 years of activity, we have felt the need to open a new chapter in our history with a new result and a new identity.

The question we asked ourselves in design and planning phase was "What do we want to show about ourselves?".

The response was immediate and unanimous: "Who we are and what we do".

For this reason, we come back to the basics, to real things and we decided to show IES, choosing simplicity.

New IES Italy website stands out for its minimal interface, thanks to the prevalence of white. The color - the orange of the logo - and the illustrations are well proportioned, the font is easy to read and the photos are snapshots that tell about the long days of work, spent in a family atmosphere of constant creativity.

The result is a perfect balance of elements that let us talk about the important aspects that distinguish us and we care more about it: our work methodology, our projects and company’s mood.

Visiting the site, you’ll enter in our reality and you’ll understand that everything we have done, we do and we will do, it’s to improve people's lives.


Complicating is easy, simplify it's difficult.




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By IES Team