How home network security can safeguard yours personal data

Protecting your home network should be the priority for everyone who has a router or modem for internet access at home. Often, however, due to laziness or forgetfulness, you leave your network open without a password or, if you use one, that is too weak. Attention, it is important to remember that today, through routers and modems, not only computers, but also smartphones, tablets, consoles, printers pass, but even everyday objects such as refrigerators and washing machines. Thanks to IoT (Internet of Things), in fact, these appliances can be connected to home network to be remotely controlled. We understand how the router becomes, more and more, the main entrance to the home network. At this point, it is essential to close the entry "doors" well and not to neglect digital security. In presence of a strong password, it’s very difficult enter the home network, but there are sophisticated systems able to "break through" even the most complex access keys. But how see if there are unwanted access on your network?

By typing the address of the router, you can instantly see if there are unknown devices and block them before they cause damage to the network or personal data. Often this action is postponed and the problems are noticed too late. But when we talk about attacks, what do we refer to? The most frequent and also the one that acts as an alarm bell is the slowing down of the connection; follow the free use of the data line without paying a subscription, up to access to all connected devices. The greatest risks come with the violation of bank details, through which transactions could be authorized without our consent.

The ideal solution to avoid attacks on internet that would undermine personal and financial data is use a device that behaves like a shield, or that constantly monitors the network and blocks unknown accesses.

IES Italia and ntop have designed IVO to fully protect home network and its users.

IVO is the device created to guarantee a safe navigation for the whole family. The personal data of all the components are safe thanks to a system able to protect the network from the most aggressive attacks. Furthermore, for the little ones, there are parental controls to block unwanted contents and monitor time spent on network. IVO is therefore proposed as a complete product that allows the family to navigate in peace, without having to worry about anything.





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By IES Team